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​ PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin is a synthetic resin widely used in the manufacture of medical instruments and equipment, wires and cables, building materials, pipes, and home decoration. It is a thermoplastic synthetic resin composed of ethylene monomers, chloride monomers, and a certain amount of plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, and dyes.
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PVC resin can be divided into two types: hard PVC and soft PVC. Hard PVC is mainly used to produce pipes and sheets, while soft PVC is used to produce wires and cables, films, and artificial leather products. Hard PVC resin is generally harder and less flexible than soft PVC resin.

 PVC resin has the characteristics of difficult combustion, corrosion resistance, high transparency, and good chemical stability. Its high processability and plasticity make it one of the preferred materials for the production of medical instruments and equipment. However, PVC materials also have some disadvantages, such as releasing toxic chlorine gas and other harmful substances during processing and use.

 It should be noted that medical PVC resin is somewhat different from general PVC resin. The former has higher biocompatibility and acceptable toxicological properties and is widely used in the medical field.

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