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Plasticizers are chemicals that are added to polymers to increase their flexibility, workability, and durability. They work by reducing the intermolecular forces that hold the polymer chains together, making them more mobile and therefore more pliable. Common plasticizers are phthalates, adipates, and benzoates.
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Plasticizers are widely used in the production of plastic materials such as PVC, PU, and rubber. They are added to make plastic products more flexible, durable and have better thermal stability. Examples include vinyl flooring, electrical cables, and inflatable toys. The application of plasticizers extends to other industries as well, such as printing inks, paints, and adhesives.

The use of plasticizers has been a topic of concern for health and environmental reasons. Some plasticizers like phthalates that have been used widely in the past have been shown to have adverse effects on human health and the environment. Therefore, alternatives to conventional plasticizers have been developed such as bio-based plasticizers that have lower toxicity.

In summary, plasticizers are widely used and important materials in the plastic industry. They are critical in producing materials that have the properties required by the end-users. However, care must be taken in their selection and use to avoid negative impacts on human health and the environment.

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